Sustainable Saratoga advocates for a more diverse portfolio of housing opportunities in Saratoga Springs

Sustainable Saratoga has long advocated for more diverse housing opportunities within Saratoga Springs because we believe that increased diversity brings greater stability, economic resilience, and sustainability. Given this philosophy, we applaud the City for encouraging and supporting the new workforce rental housing developments in the city. There are now over 350 new rental units for

Sustainable Saratoga urges the City Council to have a better public process for the development of public lands

For over ten years, Sustainable Saratoga has advocated for improving the sustainability and quality of life for current and future residents of Saratoga Springs. We have hosted educational forums; added hundreds of trees to our urban forest; established a Repair Café to fix rather than trash broken items; and most recently, we organized our second

Sustainable Saratoga proposes a neighborhood park at the Excelsior Avenue City Waterworks Plant

For more than a year, Sustainable Saratoga has been quietly trying to promote the idea of creating a small passive neighborhood park on the front lawn of the Excelsior Avenue City Waterworks Plant. We have had some initial positive comments on this proposal and we think it is now critical to move ahead with developing

SPA Housing Ordinance stalled

The following is a letter sent to Sustainable Saratoga supporters on our email distribution list on Monday, October 30, 2017 regarding the status of the SPA Housing Ordinance. 

We at Sustainable Saratoga have heard from many of you, asking for information about the status of the SPA Housing Ordinance. Because of your interest in and support

SPA Housing Ordinance update: City Council postpones vote

City Council Postpones Vote on SPA Housing Ordinance

Council will now vote on the ordinance at June 19th meeting

JUNE 7, 2017 – At its meeting yesterday evening, the Saratoga Springs City Council postponed the vote on the “Saratoga Places for All” (SPA) Housing Ordinance, a zoning amendment that would create more diverse and affordable housing options

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