Sustainable Saratoga’s comments on the Unified Development Ordinance


Sustainable Saratoga has been reviewing the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) draft. The UDO articulates the city’s land use regulations — both conservation and development standards — so we encourage citizens to be informed and to participate.

This zoning ordinance is vitally important

Sustainable Saratoga comments on Saratoga Springs’ draft Natural Resources Inventory

Sustainable Saratoga has reviewed and submitted comments on the City of Saratoga Springs’ draft Natural Resources Inventory. You can read our full comments, which include some important recommendations for improving the document in ways that will ensure greater protections for our natural resources, here.

The NRI will provide important

Sustainable Saratoga advocates for a more diverse portfolio of housing opportunities in Saratoga Springs

Sustainable Saratoga has long advocated for more diverse housing opportunities within Saratoga Springs because we believe that increased diversity brings greater stability, economic resilience, and sustainability. Given this philosophy, we applaud the City for encouraging and supporting the new workforce rental housing developments in the city. There are now over 350 new rental units for

Sustainable Saratoga urges the City Council to have a better public process for the development of public lands

For over ten years, Sustainable Saratoga has advocated for improving the sustainability and quality of life for current and future residents of Saratoga Springs. We have hosted educational forums; added hundreds of trees to our urban forest; established a Repair Café to fix rather than trash broken items; and most recently, we organized our second

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