Pollinators and Native Plants

Pollinators play an essential role in plant reproduction but their populations are under threat. Our Pollinator Committee is working to provide food and safe habitats for native pollinators.

Pollinators are essential to the reproduction of over 85% of the world’s flowering plants, including many of the foods we eat every day. While birds, bats and small mammals pollinate some plants, insects make up the largest group of pollinators. In New York State, our primary pollinators are insects like bees, flies, beetles, butterflies and moths. Unfortunately, pollinator populations worldwide are facing severe threats to their survival that could, in turn, negatively impact natural communities and endanger our ability to produce food crops.

YOU CAN HELP protect our pollinators!

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Where can you get locally grown native plants for your garden? Our annual Pollinator Palooza Native Plant Sale.

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