Urban Forestry Project: Planting Trees for the Next Generation

                    One generation plants the trees; the next enjoys the shade ~Chinese proverb~

What will be our legacy to Saratoga?

Since 2014, our popular Tree Toga event and our other tree planting efforts have planted 376 large-growing street trees throughout Saratoga Springs. Join us as a Tree Host or Tree Planter for our next Tree Toga event

Our biggest need? Good residential planting sites.

We are looking for planting spots in the right of way (the strip between the street and sidwalk) or front lawn, out of the way of overhead utility wires. Can you host a tree in your front yard? Can you work with your friends and neighbors to help us find places to plant trees? Why not make it a collaborative project on your block? Or make it competitive: challenge your friends across town and see whose street can host the most trees. Sign up to get a tree planted at a future tree planting event!

What do we plant?

We plant large-growing, native shade trees because they provide far greater benefits than smaller trees. Trees improve environmental conditions and our physical and mental health.  See our blog post for more information about what species we plant and why. 

Can’t make the next Tree Toga? Request a street tree from the City of Saratoga Springs Department of Public Works (518-587-3550, x2555), or buy a tree from a local nursery and plant your own tree. Click here to learn more about these planting options. See our Practical Info for Tree Planting and Care page for all you need to know about planting a tree in your yard.

Still have questions? Email trees@sustainablesaratoga.org

Urban Forestry Project Tree Plantings throughout the Saratoga Area

Tree planting is not just for Tree Toga. Here are some of our other planting projects.


On Thursday, June 17, 2021, Sustainable Saratoga planted three large trees at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC), between the Hall of Springs and the Roosevelt Baths. The trees were funded primarily by a generous donation from BCA Architects & Engineers, with additional funding coming from donors to Sustainable Saratoga. The BCA Architects & Engineers funding was part of their 50th-anniversary celebrations in 2020, but the planting was postponed due to the pandemic. The new sugar maple, white oak and tulip tree are all large-growing shade trees that will bring people and pets relief from the sun for decades to come.

Sustainable Saratoga volunteers digging in unison to plant this white oak tree at SPAC.

This continues a tree-planting partnership between SPAC and Sustainable Saratoga. In 2018, Sustainable Saratoga and volunteers from Saratoga Eagle planted five trees around the Charles Wood gazebo; those trees were funded by Saratoga Eagle.

5 trees planted around the Charles Wood gazebo in 2018

Jefferson Terrace

Sustainable Saratoga and the Saratoga Springs Public Housing Authority have a long history of collaborating to plant trees in public housing communities. When Paul Feldman, Executive Director of Saratoga Springs Public Housing Authority, reached out to us for help in replacing an iconic and beloved ash tree at Jefferson Terrace that was sick and needed to be removed, we jumped into action.

With a generous donation from Jen and Brian Dunn, Sustainable Saratoga volunteers from the Urban Forestry Project planted a replacement for this tree on October 27, 2023, plus two more at other locations on the property. We even got help from some young Jefferson Terrace residents, who had a great time shoveling while reminiscing about the tree they lost and looking forward to enjoying their new tree.

Wilton YMCA

Sustainable Saratoga and the Saratoga Regional YMCA are building a new tradition by planting trees together at the Wilton Branch. Working with Wilton Branch Director Aaron Ditch, Y employees and Urban Forestry volunteers planted trees in April 2022 and April 2023, in front of the building on Old Gick Road. Fundinng for the trees is provided by generous donations to Sustanable Saratoga.