Our Tree Planting Efforts – Tree Toga


One generation plants the trees; the next enjoys the shade ~Chinese proverb~

What will be our legacy to Saratoga?

Tree Toga is a family-friendly tree planting event with the goal of reforesting our City streetscape. Since 2014, our popular Tree Toga event and our other tree planting efforts have planted 376 large-growing street trees throughout Saratoga Springs. Most recently, we added 38 trees into the ground in April 2023.

Join us as a Tree Host or Tree Planter for our next Tree Toga event

Our biggest need? Good residential planting sites.

Can you host a tree? Can you work with your friends and neighbors to help us find places to plant trees? Why not make it a collaborative project on your block? Or make it competitive: challenge your friends across town and see whose street can host the most trees. Sign up to get a tree planted at a future tree planting event!

Where do we plant?

Sustainable Saratoga can plant a large-growing shade tree in the city-owned tree lawn between the sidewalk and the curb, or in your front yard. If you live in the City of Saratoga, request a Tree Toga tree and we will work with you to find the best location for your tree.

What do we plant?

We plant large-growing, native shade trees because they provide far greater benefits than small ornamentals. Species we plant include: hackberry, Kentucky yellowwood, basswood, black tupelo, disease-resistant American elm, tulip tree, and various oak species.

Can’t make this year’s Tree Toga? Request a street tree from the City of Saratoga Springs Department of Public Works (518-587-3550, x2555), or buy a tree from a local nursery and plant your own tree. Click here to learn more about these planting options. 

Still have questions? Email trees@sustainablesaratoga.org

Kids planting a nextgen tree
This Centennial Tree was planted in the Spring of 2018.
Tom Denny and Rick Fenton illustrate how to properly plant a tree during Tree Toga in the Fall of 2017.
Tree Toga 8 volunteer planting crew (Photo credit: Tim Greer, Camera Famosa Photography)
Tree Toga 6 planting volunteers (Photo credit: David Aimone)
Local Girl Scouts have some fun while giving back to their community.
Tree Toga is a family-friendly event (Photo credit: Tim Greer, Camera Famosa Photography).