Sustainable Saratoga has a number of opportunities for interested volunteers, from serving on project committees to helping with events and other administrative support. Take a look at some of our current volunteer opportunities. Then please click here to fill out a general volunteer form, and we will find you an opportunity that fits your interests!


There are costs associated with putting on events like Recycles Day, Tree Toga, and even a workshop. Your contribution will help us pay for these program needs, event costs, staff support, and other operating costs. Your support will help us grow and become an even greater force in the community! Click here to make a contribution today.

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Contact Your Local Government:

Advocacy is an important part of our work. See below for the contact information for local government officials representing Saratoga Springs. Let them know your ideas for a more sustainable community.

Saratoga Springs – City Council

Title Name Email
Mayor Meg Kelly meg.kelly@saratoga-springs.org
Commissioner of Accounts John Franck john.franck@saratoga-springs.org
Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan michele.madigan@saratoga-springs.org
Commissioner of Public Safety Peter Martin peter.martin@saratoga-springs.org
Commissioner of Public Works Skip Scirocco skip.scirocco@saratoga-springs.org

Saratoga Springs – City Council Deputies

Title Name Email
Deputy Mayor Lisa Shields lisa.shields@saratoga-springs.org
Deputy Commissioner of Accounts Maire Masterson maire.masterson@saratoga-springs.org
Deputy Commissioner of Finance Mike Sharp mike.sharp@saratoga-springs.org
Deputy Commissioner of Public Safety John Daley john.daley@saratoga-springs.org
Deputy Commissioner of Public Works Joe O’Neill joe.oneill@saratoga-springs.org

Saratoga Springs – County Supervisors

Title Name Email
Supervisor Tara Gaston tngaston@saratogacountyny.gov
Supervisor Matthew Veitch mveitch@saratogacountyny.gov