Exploring trees in Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs has some magnificent trees. Take a look at some of the maps and other resources below and then go out and explore the natural wonders we have in our urban forest.

Tree Toga Plantings Since 2014

Centennial Trees – Story Map of Year 1

Congress Park: Tree Map

Meet the Trees in Congress Park guide (PDF)

Congress Park Species List (PDF)

Saratoga’s Great Legacy Elms (PDF)

Map of 2012 street tree inventory Please note: This map provides a snapshot of the urban forest in 2012. The inventory includes only the central area of the city’s total footprint and represents an inventory of city-owned street and park trees only (trees on private property were not inventoried). It is not a map of all the trees in Saratoga Springs in 2012, and is not being updated.