We have opportunities for everyone to do something good for the Earth in April. While Earth Day is a single day dedicated to environmental action, we work every day to promote sustainable practices and environmental protection through education and advocacy efforts, which empower people to take consequential action to protect our planet for current and future generations.

Composting Workshops

In partnership with Pitney Meadows Community Farm, some of our enthusiastic composters will share their tips and tricks to get started with food and yard waste composting during three workshops in April. “Reducing food waste is a great step to reducing your carbon footprint, but composting food waste also plays a role in fighting climate change by reducing the methane produced by food decomposing in a landfill,” explains Whitney Davis, avid composter and chair of our Zero Waste committee.

Click the links for additional information on each workshop: April 13, April 28, and April 30.

Plastic Pollution

On April 20 at 7 pm, Skidmore’s Anne Ernst will discuss the growing environmental problems caused by plastic pollution. “Plastic – Miracle Molecule or Environmental Scourge?” is co-hosted by the League of Women Voters of Saratoga County and Sustainable Saratoga. Click here to register. 

After learning about the problems of plastic pollution, join the Team Up to Clean Up litter collection event on April 23. The goal of this clean-up event is to raise awareness about the chronic issue of litter pollution — especially cans and plastic single-use items — and to make a tangible difference by removing lots of litter from our trails and neighborhoods. Click here to register.

Pollinators & Native Plants

Our new Pollinator Committee will be hard at work throughout the month of April growing plants for our upcoming Pollinator Palooza native plant sale on June 5. On April 26, committee member and passionate native gardener Johanna Garrison will give a Zoom presentation about the importance of native plants and pollinators. Click here to register.

Tree Toga

The month of April culminates with a perennial favorite – Tree Toga tree planting throughout the City of Saratoga Springs on April 30. “We focus on large-growing shade trees because they provide far greater benefits than small ornamentals, cooling our homes and yards, fighting climate change, and providing habitat,” says Tom Denny, founding member and 10-year veteran of Sustainable Saratoga’s Urban Forestry Project. You can sign up to plant trees with us at Tree Toga by clicking here.

Sustainable Saratoga promotes sustainable practices and the protection of natural resources through education, advocacy and action. We provide educational resources that people can use to make informed decisions that affect everyday life, advocate for sustainable policies and programs, and empower our community to take action. 

Please consider making a donation today, in honor of Earth Day. Your gift supports community events like Tree Toga, Repair Café, and Saratoga Recycles Day, educational events like our composting resources, and supports our advocacy to protect open spaces and address the climate crisis. You can help make our community a more sustainable place for current and future generations to enjoy. Leave a lasting legacy for future generations by donating today.