Together we made a difference. Sustainable Saratoga fulfills an important role in our local community, and your support has never been more important to the success of our efforts. Please donate today to help us keep fighting for the protection of our environment and to carry out our mission in the coming year.

Overall Accomplishments

Saratoga Springs High School Naturalist Club Presentation (February 27, March 27) 
• Woodlawn Commons Presentation (March 13)
• Saratoga Summer Sports Expo (March 18-19)
• Saratoga Sustainability Fair, co-hosted with Skidmore College Sustainability Office, including  Repair Café and EV Show (April 16) – 350 attendees, 25 exhibitors, and 12 workshop presentations.
• Flag Day Parade (June 10)
• Pride Fest, High Rock Park (June 25) 
• Saratoga Children’s Museum Climate Event (July 8) 
• Farmers Market (July 26, August 12, September 9, October 14) 
• SPAC (August 12) 
• SPAC Family Friday (August 18) 
• Volunteer Open House (September 17) 20 attendees
• Rotary Club of Saratoga Springs Presentation (October 18)
Year of No Garbage book event at Skidmore (November 6)60 attendees
• Skidmore Seeds of Resistance environmental justice event (December 1)
Green Drinks at the Parting Glass (January 8, February 8, March 12, April 12, May 10, June 14, July 12, August 9, September 13, October 11, November 8, December 13


Zero Waste — Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle

Repair Cafe at Sustainability Fair (April 16)
Team up to clean up (April 22) – 61 bags of litter collected at 6 clean up sites
Compost Workshop co-hosted with (and at) Pitney Meadows Community Farm (May 6)
Saratoga Recycles Day (October 7) 241 cars, 8 local businesses and nonprofit groups collected donations.
Paint Collection Day co-hosted with GreenSheen (October 21)853 cars, 117 cubic yard boxes collected, 85,586 lbs Latex/ acrylic/ water-based coatings collected, 9,300 lbs Oil-based coatings collected
Family Composting Workshop at Saratoga Springs Public Library (October 22)
Repair Café co-hosted with SSPL (December 9) 45 guests, 38 items repaired.
• Zero Waste Assembly, Saratoga Springs High School (May 23) 
• Letter Asking NPR to terminate your agreement with the Association of Plastic Recyclers, via Beyond Plastics (to National Public Radio CEO John Lansing, May 2)
• NY is Not Disposable Campaign & May 2 rally in Albany, via Beyond Plastics (Co-sponsorship and attendance at rally in Albany)
• NY Packaging Reduction & Recycling Infra Act, via Beyond Plastics (Sign-on letter, June 2)
• Stewart’s Shops $250 grant to support Recycles Day (October 2023)

Urban Forestry Project — Tree Planting and Preservation

Tree Toga (April 29) 160 volunteers, 38 native trees planted.
Jefferson Terrace tree planting with UFP (October 27)3 native large shade trees planted.
St. Clement’s School Tree Education program (April 20) 
• Saratoga Casino Hotel Foundation $500 grant for Tree Education programs (October 2023)

Land Use Advocacy — Protecting the Environment

Liberty Affordable Housing: Where We Stand (Open letter, February 7)
UDO Amendments (email to Mayor Kim, February 14)
Saratoga Biochar Solutions (letter to Moreau Town Board, April 7)
• Town of Stillwater’s Local Waterfront Revitalization Program grant application (Letter to  Secretary of State of New York, July 19)

Climate & Energy — Addressing the Climate Crisis

Climate Reality’s Capital Region Chapter (September 20) 
EPA Climate Pollution Reduction Grant program (CPRG) (Letter to EPA, May 18)
• Renewable Capitol Act (RCA), via Capital Area Climate Network, (Sign-on Letter to Governor Hochul September 13)
• Building Electrification Equity Platform 2024 priorities for Governor’s State of the State and Executive Budget via Renewable Heat Now (sign-on letter to Governor Hochul, October 15)

Pollinator Initiative — Protect & Create Safe Habitat

Pollinator Palooza (June 4)almost 2,500 native plants sold and planted to support pollinators
NY State Invasive Species Expo (September 24) 
S1856/A7640 – The Birds and Bees Protection Act (Letter to Governor Hochul, August 7)

Sustainable Saratoga is a small non-profit making a big impact. Our work is made possible by people like you — volunteers, donors, and supporters. Together, we can continue to accomplish amazing things. Your contribution will help sustain and expand these efforts in the year ahead.