Sustainable Saratoga has been expanding our education and outreach efforts by creating programs centered around K-12 environmental education. We’ve developed several education programs that can be offered in 30-60 minute sessions including our Tree Education Program, Pollinator Lesson, Backyard Composting Demonstration, and Zero Waste Presentation. So far we’ve worked with the Children’s Museum at Saratoga, The Children’s Library, Saratoga Springs High School, and St. Clements Catholic Elementary School to grow community relationships around environmental education for local students. We look forward to fostering these relationships and connecting with more educators

Education is a powerful tool in addressing today’s most pressing environmental issues. If we want people to make more sustainable lifestyle choices they need the information on how to do so. Environmental education increases our feeling of connection with the natural world during a time when most of us are further and further removed from the source of our food, the practices used to manufacture our items, and the end result of the garbage we produce. Learning about our environment gives a greater sense of appreciation and gratitude that will influence the way we interact with our natural world. If we want to encourage environmental stewardship in our young people and strengthen our community, then environmental education and outdoor learning is a great place to start.

If you are interested in learning more about our education programs or want us to visit your classroom or venue to offer a program, email our Executive Director, Kelsey Trudell, at You can also check out our online resources for kids like this pollinators brochure and our eco-activity challenge for ideas on how you can reduce your carbon footprint and help fight climate change.

Do you want to get involved with Sustainable Saratoga’s Educational programs?

We’re looking for a volunteer Outreach and Education Coordinator.  Responsibilities include:

  • Photo: Scott Bergmann Photography

    Identify community events where Sustainable Saratoga should be present

  • Attend events and speak on behalf of Sustainable Saratoga, our mission, and our work
  • Find new opportunities to connect with K-12 youth around sustainability and environmental science
  • Help plan and lead education programs

Send your resume and a brief statement of interest to to apply for this exciting new volunteer role.