Volunteers get a lesson in tree planting. Photo credit: Jenn March

Saratoga Springs, NY – On Saturday, April 29, 2022, Sustainable Saratoga’s Urban Forestry Project will hold its 12th TREE TOGA tree planting event. Kelsey Trudell, Executive Director of Sustainable Saratoga predicts: “This year’s Tree Toga is going to be a huge success, with 38 trees planted! We’re still looking for volunteers to plant large-growing, native shade trees at locations throughout the city. Join us on April 29th to help us leave a green legacy for future generations in Saratoga Springs.” To get involved in this family-friendly community event, sign up at https://sustainablesaratoga.org/tree-toga/

Volunteer Tree Planters will check in at Pitney Meadows Community Farm at 9:30 AM on April 29 and get a lesson in tree planting before heading off in small teams to their assigned planting locations across the city. Once the trees are in the ground, the Tree Host homeowners and other volunteers provide the care that is critical to tree survival and the success of Sustainable Saratoga’s mission to preserve and expand Saratoga’s urban forest.

Why plant trees? In addition to providing long lasting beauty, research shows that urban trees enhance retail and restaurant profitability, increase property values, save energy, improve air quality, reduce water pollution, enhance our mental and physical health, and provide wildlife habitat.

Tree planters newly planted tree. Photo credit: Rick Fenton

Spring is a great time to plant your own tree. If you can’t join Tree Toga in person, join in spirit by planting a tree in your own yard and sharing a picture on social media with the tag #NextGenTree. Sustainable Saratoga recommends planting a variety of trees native to our local area, as well as a few from the wider region that are adapted to our soils and climate and provide food and shelter for a variety of insects and wildlife. You can find a wealth of practical information on choosing, buying, planting and caring for trees at: https://sustainablesaratoga.org/projects/urban-forestry-project/practical-info-for-tree-planting-care/.

About Sustainable Saratoga
Sustainable Saratoga is a not-for-profit organization that promotes sustainable practices and the protection of natural resources, through education, advocacy and action, for the benefit of current and future generations in the Saratoga Springs area. Since 2008, Sustainable Saratoga has been a leader in promoting awareness of environmental issues and what we as a local community can do to minimize our ecological impact while maintaining a high quality of life.