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Let’s get to know the Urban Forestry Committee

by Caroline Rothaug, Chair of the Urban Forestry Project

UFP committee members preparing for Tree Toga

UFP members preparing for Tree Toga

You’ve seen us around town, checking out potential planting sites, putting “New Tree Coming Soon…” signs and little white flags in the ground, planting trees, and pruning trees. We’re the Sustainable Saratoga committee known as the Urban Forestry Project (UFP).

We are best known for our annual Tree Toga event that brings more than 160 volunteers out on the last Saturday of April to plant trees to honor Arbor Day. 2024 marks the tenth year of Tree Toga. This year’s event will bring the total number of trees planted to over 400.

Tree Stewards ready to prune trees

Tree Stewards ready to prune

We are busy all year long. We have a long-standing partnership with the Saratoga Springs DPW and the City Arborist. Our most recent collaboration is an agreement that allows trained UFP “Tree Stewards” to handle certain pruning tasks. So, if you see us out there pruning, please do say hello. We will be happy to take a moment to explain how and why we prune trees to be structurally sound and avoid future issues as they grow.

Another program we’re really proud of is our Tree Education pilot program with St. Clement’s School. Students learn about sustainability and the importance of trees in an urban setting. And, speaking of education, our UFP web pages have a wealth of information about the benefits of large-growing native trees in urban areas, and helpful tips for selecting, planting, and caring for trees.

We invite you to get into trees with us. Sign up to be a Tree Planter at Tree Toga this year, or get in touch with us at trees@sustainablesaratoga.org to learn more about getting involved in our work.