2019 was a year filled with action on behalf of our planet (read about our 2019 efforts here). Sustainable Saratoga supporters are passionate and active citizens, looking for a way to make meaningful change. We care about the environment and want to be part of the solution to today’s most pressing environmental problems.

Sustainable Saratoga remains steadfast in our commitment to provide you with the resources and information you need to make impactful choices. We will continue to provide a diverse array of programs and initiatives in 2020.



We will continue to offer some of our most popular initiatives in 2020:

  • Backyard composting workshops – Spring 2020
  • Repair Cafe, in collaboration with the Saratoga Springs Public Library – March 21, May 30, September 26
  • Saratoga Recycles Day – October 2020

Once the snow is gone for good, we will continue our community food scrap composting program in collaboration with Pitney Meadows Community Farm.



thermometer showing temperatre rising

Climate disruption is today’s most pressing issue. We are expanding our collaborative relationships to advocate more effectively for:

  • Climate resiliency planning in all levels of government
  • Renewable energy use and other climate mitigation strategies
  • Energy efficiency improvements

We are also increasing our efforts to support students and encourage their civic engagement on critical environmental issues. Today’s youth have an important role to play in shaping our planet’s future.


In honor of the 50th year of Earth Day, our Urban Forestry group is focused on expanding our urban tree canopy cover. Everyone benefits from having a robust urban forest. In 2020, we will:
  • Hold our tenth Tree Toga event
  • Roll out our new 1,000 Trees for Toga campaign to inspire citizens, community groups, and businesses to plant the next generation of trees that will benefit our planet and our health
  • Expand our collaborative efforts with local government officials to help raise awareness of the importance of large-growing shade trees and increase the number of trees being planted
Urban forestry tree benefits: Health, Air, Energy, Beauty, Economy, Water


Pollinators are essential to the reproduction of many plants, as well as to our own food security. We are starting a new initiative in 2020 that will focus on protecting pollinators and increasing bird and insect habitat and safe food sources. Look for more details in the coming months and contact us if you would like to get involved with this project.


These popular events will also return in 2020:

  • Sustainability Fair, in collaboration with Skidmore College – April 4
  • The Children’s STEM Fair, in collaboration with the Saratoga Springs Public Library and the Children’s Museum at Saratoga – July 14
  • Science on Tap, in collaboration with Skidmore and SPAC – last Tuesday of the month
  • Film screenings and discussions on various sustainability topics in collaboration with the Saratoga Film Forum


We will continue to advocate for sustainability initiatives and the protection of our natural resources. Our advocacy efforts are constantly changing in response to new threats and new opportunities, but we closely monitor issues like:

  • Protection of the rural, low-density character of the Greenbelt
  • Efforts to create safer biking and pedestrian access throughout the city
  • Protection of our natural resources
  • The City’s progress on the Unified Development Ordinance, the Natural Resources Inventory, and the Open Space Plan

You can keep informed about our 2020 programs and initiatives on our website, via our social media accounts, and by being on this email list. See something you would like to volunteer your time to be part of? Sign up to volunteer on our website or email info@sustainablesaratoga.org.

Sustainable Saratoga relies on our generous supporters to bring greater sustainability to Saratoga Springs. As 2019 comes to a close, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution. Thank you!