on October 1, 2016

Sustainable Saratoga’s Next Planting Day

Tree Toga Volunteers – April 30, 2016
Photo courtesy of David Aimone

Since 2014, Sustainable Saratoga’s fabulous volunteers have planted 114 trees in key locations around town. And our great tree hosts have given needed care (mostly water) to help the trees thrive and mature.

On Saturday, October 1, with the help of many people, we will put another 25 trees in the ground. Generous donors to Sustainable Saratoga’s tree fund have made this planting possible.


Here are four ways you can contribute to our success on October 1st.

Would you like a FREE TREE? Know someone who would? Share this Free Tree Flyer to help us place the trees in good sites. Send us an email at to volunteer as a Tree Host. Believe it or not, helping us to identify good planting sites (with tree hosts) is one of the best things you can do for Sustainable Saratoga’s tree efforts.

Join our team for October 1st. Sign up as a planter. Or help behind the scenes to organize the event. Send us an email at and let us know how you can help. Planting at Tree Toga is a great family activity.

Spread the word about our progress. Help celebrate our efforts by enjoying and sharing this map of the 114 trees planted since 2014.

Click the image to download a map of trees planted since 2014.

(Colored pins indicate different planting dates. Blue pins are the first to be complete with photos, showing how much fun the planters had in 2015.) Fire up Google Earth and then follow these instructions to explore the map. Share it widely with your circles of friends.

Donate to Sustainable Saratoga. The generosity of donors like you has enabled Sustainable Saratoga to purchase and plant trees since 2015. The October 1 planting will bring the total of our donor-funded trees to 64. Your donation can help us blow past the 100 trees threshold in 2017 !! (Sustainable Saratoga volunteers have also planted 75 trees that were paid for from the tree budget of our partners at DPW.)