graphic showing the Whiz, Bang Pop! STEM fair

Sustainable Saratoga, the Children’s Museum at Saratoga and the Saratoga Springs Public Library are organizing a fair to make sustainable science education fun and appealing to families by providing hands-on learning activities that promote awareness and creativity. The Whiz, Bang, Pop – Adventures in Science Fair will be held on Wednesday, July 17 from 10 am to 1 pm.

We have a variety of science activities, all designed to be interactive and fun. To accommodate all of the activities, the Children’s Fair will take place in two locations, the H. Dutcher Community Room at the Saratoga Springs Public Library and the parking lot of The Children’s Museum at Saratoga. It is a very short walk between the two locations.

This event is FREE and open to everyone. See below for a list of activities or click here for a pdf version.

At the Public Library:

Animal Detectives – Use animal skulls to figure out if animals are herbivores or carnivores. Create your own animal tracking guide (Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park)

Wildlife Behavior – See wildlife in action on videos taken from motion-sensitive cameras along the Kayaderosseras Creek (Friends of the Kayaderosseras)

Tactile Explorations – Touch animal pelts from creatures in our own state park (Spa State Park Creekside Classroom)

Soil Biology – Learn how compost worms do their job and watch them in action (Biosoil)

Forensic Science – Make a plaster cast of an animal’s footprint and learn to recognize animal tracks (Ndakinna)

Bunnies! – Cuddle with some cute critters while learning about their biology! (4-H Rabbit Club)

Out of This World – Use images of outer space to inspire your inner artist (Tang Museum)

Reef Relief – Save our coral reefs! Make and decorate a reef (World Awareness Children’s Museum)

Upcycled Architecture – Build a self-supporting structure using every day household items (CMOST)

Learning Games – Become a child scientist with researcher from Skidmore College (Developing Minds Center)

Earth Science in a Wind Tunnel – Know which way the wind blows!  Test the strength and direction of the wind by placing objects in its path (Skidmore Art Department and Sustainable Saratoga)

Food Science – Food activity (Price Chopper)

At the Children’s Museum:

Rocket Science – Want to be a rocket scientist? Make a rocket and launch it (Cornell Cooperative Extension)

Food Science – Use science to create art and then eat it (Saratoga Farmers’ Market’s Power of Produce “POP” Club)

Save the Bees! – Create a bee oasis including native plants (Waldorf School)

Engineer a Rescue! – Using simple or complex machines, can you hoist a LEGO person to safety? (Children’s Museum at Saratoga)

Nature’s engineers – See how beavers change the way a stream flows (Friends of Moreau)

Hydrology: Water on the Landscape – Move sand and watch how it changes the flow of water (Saratoga County Soil & Water Conservation District)

Water Wall – Send water trickling or rushing through a system of tubes and pipes.  Why does it always go down? (Sustainable Saratoga)

Ice Hockey – Play “real” ice hockey:  the puck is an ice cube! (Sustainable Saratoga)

This fair is made possible, in part, by a Lend-A-Hand Grant from the Adirondack Trust Company Community Fund.

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The event is being held in two locations: the H. Dutcher Community Room at the Saratoga Springs Public Library and the parking lot of the Children’s Museum of Saratoga. These locations are very close to each other and it is quick and easy to walk between them.

Yes, the Children’s Fair will take place regardless of the weather. The outside activities are located under a tent, so rain will not deter the fun!