Weibel-Ave-LandfillA solar park proposed by Sustainable Saratoga for the former Weibel Ave. landfill has received state funding, according to Finance Commissioner Michele Madigan. The project, which will be developed on the city-owned landfill by contractor SunEdison, will provide a large proportion of the city’s power needs. Madigan praised the project and Sustainable Saratoga for its assistance.

Press Release Spa Solar Park Oct 2014

UPDATE: Sun Edison has been selected by the City of Saratoga Springs to design, build, and operate a 2 MW solar array on the city’s Webeil Ave landfill. Financing for the project will be provided entirely by Sun Edison and grant money from the NYSERDA NY-Sun Program. In return for this external financing, the City of Saratoga Springs has signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Sun Edison to purchase all the electricity generated by the solar array at a fixed price over a 20 year period. This agreement has the potential to reduce the cost of electricity for the City over the 20 year period while simultaneously lowering the City’s greenhouse gas emissions. About 40% of the City government’s electricity needs will be met by the solar array.

Project Timeline Highlights:

  • Summer 2012 Sustainable Saratoga conducts internal feasibility study for solar array on Weibel Ave Landfill. The results of this study suggest the solar array is both technically and financially feasible.
  • October 16, 2012- Saratoga Spring’s Finance Commissioner Michele Madigan includes Sustainable Saratoga on her agenda to present the landfill solar project concept to City Council.
  • Fall 2012- Saratoga Springs Finance Commissioner Michele Madigan indicates the Finance Department will sponsor issuance of Request for Proposal seeking companies to design, build, operate the solar array.
  • January 2013- With technical assistance from Sustainable Saratoga, the Finance Department issues “The Spa Solar Park Development” Request for Proposal.
  • March 2013- The City of Saratoga Springs receives project proposals from 14 different solar developers.
  • May 2013- The City of Saratoga Spring’s Selection Committee chooses Sun Edison to build and operate the Spa Solar Park.
  • October 2014- The City of Saratoga Springs and Sun Edison are awarded a NYSERDA NY-Sun Program Grant to help finance the build-out of the Weibel Ave Solar park.
  • Fall 2014- Sun Edison commences design work on the solar park with project completion planned sometime in 2015.

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