Three things on our radar as we look forward to 2016.

And YOU can help to make all three a success.


April 30 – Save The Date – Annual Arbor Day Planting

More details later, but we can’t do this without the energy and commitment of planting volunteers and tree hosts who want a tree. We expect to double our planting this year, with 25 trees provided by DPW and 25 purchased through Sustainable Saratoga’s tree fund. (IMPORTANT: See below if you can pitch in to help organize this important annual event.)

It’s Official – Centennial Trees project
extended for five more years, through 2020

We always knew that CT would be a multi-year project. The 2015 centennial year saw 35 large-growing trees planted in 18 prominent locations, funded by a broad range of private and public partners. Let us know if you or your organization want to partner on this community-wide effort to leave a legacy of great trees for our kids and grandkids. Stay tuned for updates.

Need a part-time job for a few months?
Through April 30? Unpaid, of course.
You can find new purpose during the winter doldrums & help make our April 30 planting a success.

Contact us at ASAP

Volunteer Coordinating Team
Person (or a few), well organized and with good people skills, needed to respond to volunteer emails, track the growing list of volunteers, and send occasional group emails. Time commitment: Mostly during two key months (March and April 2016); regular log-ins, modest, but variable.

Real Estate Team
Since Sustainable Saratoga owns no real estate, we need people to help find planting locations and to recruit tree hosts who want a street tree and will nurture it. Two types of people would be good at this. First, people who like to explore the city and expand our list of possible planting locations. Second, social people who like to network, to reach out to offer trees to friends, neighbors, and to people who live at desirable planting locations. Some people will like both parts of the job. Time commitment: Very flexible hours, set your own goals and strategies for this important job. Finished by late April.

Learn more about Sustainable Saratoga’s Urban Forestry Project