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Thank you for your interest in hosting or helping plant large species street trees!

Event Information:

Time: 9 AM to 12 PM on Saturday, April 25, 2015.

Meeting Location: Saratoga Farmers’ Market, High Rock Park

Please read the following information and use the sign-up form to register one or more people. If you want to be a host and a planter, please insert your information for both categories. For each person, choose the assignment you want and click “Add”.

IMPORTANT: When you’ve inputted everyone’s names and emails, make sure to click “Continue” and enter your complete contact information. Then be sure to click “Process”. Each attendee will receive an email confirmation.

Tree Host Information – Please Read

Host responsibilities:

  • Care for the tree according to instructions provided by Sustainable Saratoga, including watering the tree every week for the first two growing seasons.
  • If possible, be present to participate in Tree Toga, from roughly 9 AM to noon on April 25.
  • Sustainable Saratoga strongly urges Tree HOSTs to make the planting a neighborhood or family project by recruiting their own planting volunteers. We believe this will give family members and/or neighbors “ownership” in the new tree.

No cost to host:

Sustainable Saratoga will deliver the tree, free of charge, to all chosen host sites. We will be planting large-species shade trees, which provide far greater benefits than small ornamentals.

Site selection & criteria:

All trees will be planted in the City Right-of-Way (ROW), which on streets with sidewalks generally means in a tree lawn between the sidewalk and the curb. Sustainable Saratoga, in consultation with the City Arborist, will select sites and allocate trees, based on availability.  We are looking for sites that meet these criteria:

  • no overhead utility wires to conflict with the mature size of a large-species tree;
  • no concrete cutting or other heavy site preparation required;
  • a tree lawn with a minimum width of 3 feet, with a wider tree lawn preferred.

If you are having trouble signing up with the online form – Please Read

We are very sorry for any technical difficulty you have in trying to volunteer as a planter or a host.  If the volunteer form does not cooperate, please just send us an email with your info to and we will get back to you.  We have tried to resolve technical problems, especially for Apple users, but our platform still does not always cooperate.

Thanks for your interest in Tree Toga 2015. We look forward to hearing from you.