Left to Right, Sustainable Saratoga Board Member Bill Boehmke, Saratoga County Supervisor Peter Martin, Board Member Lin Whittle, Board Chair Harry Moran, and volunteer forestry specialist Rick Fenton.














Saratoga Springs, NY – October 6, 2015 – Nearly 40 volunteers gathered on Saturday morning in the new pocket park at the intersection of Perry Street and Ballston Avenue to watch a tree planting demonstration. Armed with this information and shovels in hand, groups set out across the city to plant 14 large-growing specimen trees in high profile locations. This year, Sustainable Saratoga’s Urban Forestry Project, under the leadership of committee chair Tom Denny, is celebrating the City’s 2015 Centennial by facilitating a public-private planting campaign known as Centennial Trees. Advance planning and onsite coordination for Saturday’s event was handled by board member Lin Whittle. Rick Fenton, our lead forester, selected the species and appropriate planting sites.

Harry Moran, Board Chair, commented after the event, “Saturday’s planting of 14 trees, purchased by Sustainable Saratoga with funds provided by community donors, was the result of an ongoing collaboration between Sustainable Saratoga, enthusiastic community volunteers and the City. Helping celebrate the City’s centennial by planting large species trees in high profile locations was both fun and gratifying. Hats off to everyone who helped with this important community benefit.”

In addition to strong volunteer support, this planting was greatly enhanced by the generous donation of two large portable water tanks by the Saratoga Springs Rotary Club. These tanks allow for the proper watering and care that these trees will need in order to get established and then flourish for many years to come. “We’re very grateful to the Rotary Club for their support of this effort!” added Moran.

This planting was the second large-scale planting of this calendar year and future plantings will continue throughout the next year with the goal of planting trees in 100 high-impact locations. Check out the Centennial Trees Story Map to follow our progress.

Volunteers, including (left) Board Member Marian Wait Walsh, happily planting a tree on Broadway.
Many thanks to the Saratoga Springs Rotary Club for their generous donation of two large watering tanks.









Hal Bigelow and Sustainable Saratoga Board Chair, Harry Moran (right).
Rick Fenton demonstrates proper planting technique to the volunteers.










Celebrate Saratoga’s past 100 years by planting for the next 100. Saratoga Springs was once famous as a city shaped by its great trees. Let’s reclaim this grand tree vision, shaping our city’s future with large trees in key locations. Together we can leave a green legacy for our kids and grandkids. Centennial Trees is part of Sustainable Saratoga’s Urban Forestry Project.

And the smallest member of our crew!