Saratoga Springboard today announced their new partnership with Sustainable Saratoga’s Urban Forestry Project to support their Spring 2014 launch of a multi-year public awareness and tree planting campaign.


With a 5-year track record of empowering local not-for-profits, Saratoga Springboard has teamed up with Sustainable Saratoga to develop and implement citywide tree events surrounding Arbor Day.  The events, which are planned for April, will highlight the importance of protecting and expanding Saratoga Springs’ Urban Forest, educate residents in a fun way about the important role trees play in our city’s landscape, and engage the community in planting trees.

“Sustainable Saratoga’s Urban Forestry Project has an ambitious array of public education and planting projects laid out for 2014,” added Tom Denny, UFP Chair.  “Having Springboard’s inspiring group of community builders on our team will greatly enhance our efforts.  Springboard’s energy and talents will help Sustainable Saratoga to move farther and faster with our tree planting initiatives, which can only work for the long-term benefit of Saratoga.”  Harry Moran, Interim Chair of Sustainable Saratoga, added “We couldn’t be more pleased with the opportunity to collaborate with Saratoga Springboard and take the impressive work of the Urban Forestry Project to the next level.”

“Saratoga Springboard is thrilled to be partnering with Sustainable Saratoga for our 5th project”, said Alysa Arnold, one of the founding members of Saratoga Springboard. “The work that Sustainable Saratoga is doing through their Urban Forestry Project will benefit our entire community for generations to come. We are excited to work with this amazing group. As they gear up for a long-term effort to preserve and expand our urban forest, we are eager to help them spread the word and educate our community on why the trees are such an important part of our City’s infrastructure.”

About Sustainable Saratoga:

Sustainable Saratoga’s Urban Forestry Project (UFP)—one of several advocacy projects under the umbrella of Sustainable Saratoga—gained visibility during 2012 through its inventory of more than 5,600 street and park trees in the Spa City. Funded by a DEC grant, the City used that inventory to shape its first-ever urban forest master plan, adopted in May 2013. The Urban Forestry Project continues to partner with City Hall, businesses, non-profits, and individuals for the benefit of Saratoga’s urban forest.

About Saratoga Springboard:

Saratoga Springboard is celebrating their 5th year of empowering local non-profits to reach new heights. The group, made up of community members, in past projects has assisted Saratoga Mentoring Program, Franklin Community Center, Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation and Caffé Lena.

Contact Information:

David Storey
Saratoga Springboard Member
(518) 260-5871
Tom Denny
Chair, Sustainable Saratoga’s Urban Forestry Project
(518) 321-5681