With your support and action, Sustainable Saratoga was able to accomplish great things in 2016. Many of you contributed considerable time, resources, and energy to protect our environment and our community’s character. Together we can accomplish even more in 2017!

Sustainable Saratoga would like to thank the following individuals, groups, and organizations for their contributions in 2016:


Margaret P. Albrecht
Michael and Stacie Arpey
Shawn Banner
Claudia Bricknell
Mirra Boehmke
Sarah Boehmke
Alex Chaucer
CLA Site Landscape Architects, Engineers and Planners
Kristin Cleveland
Mary Cobb
Pernille Aegidius Dake
Ellen deLalla
Denise Desmond
Buck Dewolf and Rosemary Ratcliff
Amy Durland
Bernard Forman
William Fox
Victor Fratesi and Colin Faulds in memory of Aubrey P. Fratesi*
Diane Friedel
Thomas R. Frost, Jr.
Kathryn Gallien*
Bob Gilston and Trish Lyell
Philip A. and Marie B. Glotzbach
Jessie Godine
Goldman Sachs*
Louise Golub
Bruce and Pat Goodale
Dianna Goodwin
Beth Hershenhart
Elizabeth Hurley
Katarina Jaques
David Kalish and Ingrid Bermudez
Thomas and Joanne Klepetar
Carolyn R. Lansberry
William A and Joanna L. Lasher
Ed and Janet Lindner
Michele Madigan
Bea McMordie
Deb and Jim Melillo
Lee and Eve Nagel
Andrew and Kathleen R. Nolte
Betty O’Connor
Laura Rappaport
John L. and Lenore Q. Reber
Charles and Katie Richman
Sandra Robinson*
Levi Rogers
Herbert Rosenfield
Mary Ellen Ryall
Jane Sanzen
Edward and Karen Solomon
Cindy Spence
Christine and Robert Toole
Domenique Yermolayev


Amejo Amyot
Capozzola Law Firm
Annmarie Cipollo
Eileen Finneran
Victor Fratesi*
Kenneth Hapeman
George Jolly
Bahram Keramati
Colin Klepetar
Mark and Annette Lawson
Dan Manning
Denise Polit*
James and Elizabeth Rossi*
Judith A. Staubo Trust *


Cathy Walbridge Allen
Bill Boehmke
Climate Ride Inc.
James P. Gold
Sarah Goodwin
Jeffrey Hager*
Sally Hart
Heritage Garden Club*
John Kaufmann
Tony Krackeler
Margie Shepard
Beau Stallard
Martha Strohl
Mark Torpey


Todd Downing
Ben Ford and Jean Dugan
Tom Gardner
Bernice B. Godine Family Foundation
Arthur I. and Julie K. Holmberg
Kathleen Mattes
Harry Moran/Sustainable Wealth Advisors
Lauren O’Donnell
Aime E. S. Richards*
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Saratoga Springs


Geoff Bornemann and Nancy Sharples
Tom and Diane Denny
Marian Wait Walsh
Lin Whittle and Russ Pittenger*


The DMFR Fund

*Part or all of donation made to Sustainable Saratoga’s Tree Fund