Sustainable Saratoga uses education, advocacy, and action to have a wide-ranging impact on our community, to benefit current and future generations


Sustainable Saratoga promotes sustainable practices and the protection of natural resources for the benefit of current and future generations. Our work is focused in four project areas:

Climate & Energy 

Through education, advocacy and action, our Climate & Energy committee seeks to increase energy efficiency, reduce energy waste, and develop renewable energy sources. By reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, we can help avert the dangers of climate change. A few of our 2018 highlights include:

  • Hosted a home energy audit workshop
  • Promoted electric vehicles

Urban Forestry Project

Inspiring teamwork and partnerships to expand and preserve Saratoga’s urban forest. We all benefit from trees: they increase property values, reduce water pollution, improve air quality, support wildlife, enhance people’s quality of life, and provide an aesthetically pleasing homage to Saratoga’s vibrant history. Just a few of our accomplishments in 2018 include:

  • Planted our 225th tree in our urban forest during Tree Toga 8
  • Partnered with Saratoga Eagle to plant five new large-growing trees at the SPAC gazebo for World Environment Day
  • Serve as a resource for other towns and cities working to expand their urban forest

Zero Waste

Conserving resources and keeping “trash” out of landfills through education and opportunities for our community to actively participate in easy and innovative ways to minimize household waste. Our Zero Waste committee had a big year in 2018, with the expansion of our popular Saratoga Recycles Day and the initiation of a new program. Just a few highlights from 2018 include:

  • Saratoga Recycles Day: recycled over 26 tons of electronics; collected tons of clothing and textiles; collected bikes, sleeping bags, blankets, clothing, and notions to be used to benefit local non-profits
  • Repair Café: our repair coaches fixed over 100 items this year, extending their useful life and keeping them out of the landfill
  • Compost workshops: we got another 38 people started with their own backyard composting system

Land Use Committee 

Sustainable Saratoga supports “smart” development policies that reduce environmental impacts and make our community more livable for everyone. We want to help realize Saratoga’s “City in the Country” vision. There are so many aspects of development that we keep informed about including housing, alternative transportation, parking, and protecting our natural areas. Here are a few advocacy efforts we led in 2018:

  • Parking: we advocated City Hall to initiate a managed parking system, and to have a robust public process to decide the future of City-owned property.
  • Alternative transportation: we asked the City Council to move forward with the process of installing bike lanes on Lake Avenue to create a safer, bike-friendly community will encourage people to bike rather than drive.
  • We asked the community and City Hall to support the creation of a small pocket park at the Excelsior Avenue City Waterworks Plant.


Sustainable Saratoga was busy in 2018 and is planning for an exciting 2019 that will offer even more opportunities to make a difference in our community. Read more about our 2018 achievements and our plans for 2019.

Please visit News/Events to learn more about the important work we have been doing lately.

Tree Toga 7
Photo credit: David Aimone