With your support and action, Sustainable Saratoga was able to accomplish great things in 2015. Many of you contributed considerable time, resources, and energy to protect our environment and our community’s character. Together we can accomplish even more in 2016.

Sustainable Saratoga would like to thank the following individuals, groups, and organizations for their contributions in 2015:


Margaret P. Albrecht
Christina Carton
Alex Chaucer
Denise Desmond
Laura DiBetta
Eileen Finneran
Bill Fox
Goldman Sachs
Bruce and Pat Goodale
Beth Hershenhart
Tony Krackeler
Mark Lawton
Beverly Lazar
Jenny Mirling
Lisa Morahan
Franesa Pyle
John and Lenore Reber
Brian Reill
Sandra Robinson
Randall and Kathleen Royka
Mary Ellen Ryall
Saratoga Trackside
Ed and Karen Solomon
Cindy Spence
Judith A. Staubo Trust
Nedra Stimpfle
Christine and Robert Toole
Nancy Weber


Janet and Jeffrey Altamari
Bank of America
Bill Boehmke
Geoff Bornemann and Nancy Sharples
Elizabeth Conant
Tom and Diane Denny
Ben Ford and Jean Dugan
Bernice Godine Family Trust
Jane Wait in honor of John Hendrickson*
Kathleen Mattes
Harry Moran
Jane Wait in honor of Caroline Putnam*
Saratoga Springs Rotary
Margie Shepard
Lawrence Toole
Jane Wait in honor of Charles Wait*
Jane Wait in memory of Ned Wait**
Jane Wait in honor of Marian Wait Walsh*
Jane Wait in honor of Marylou Whitney*

$1,000 +:

The AYCO Company L.P.
The AYCO Charitable Foundation
Amy Durland
The Nordlys Foundation
Marian Wait Walsh
Lin Whittle and Russell Pittenger

*Donation to Sustainable Saratoga’s Tree Fund in Honor Of
**Donation to Sustainable Saratoga’s Tree Fund in Memory Of