In December 2014, the Saratoga Springs Planning Board determined that the Parking Garage will not have any significant adverse environmental impacts under SEQRA and the plan is now before the Zoning Board to seek additional variances to move forward.

On Monday, March 23 at 7:00 PM the City of Saratoga Springs Zoning Board will consider granting the City Center a variance that would advance the City Center Authority’s proposed parking garage project.

The variance the Zoning Board is considering granting will give the City Center approval to build a 70-foot-high structure where a maximum 28-foot structure is allowed without cutting off solar access to the adjacent Mouzon House property. If granted, this variance would allow the City Center to block the solar panels on the roof of the Mouzon House. If the Zoning Board grants this variance, the project will move back to the Planning Board for lot subdivision and site plan approval.

Sustainable Saratoga has long requested that the parking structure be redesigned so that it complies with existing downtown planning and zoning requirements:

  • The garage is not multi-use and does not meet the standards of the City’s own zoning code, which contains guidelines requiring parking garages to be lined with buildings containing active uses.
  • The current proposal does not allow for a 50-foot setback for future such buildings.
  • The 7,000-square-foot structure takes up multiple block lengths and should be dramatically shorter than the plan proposes.
  • Finally, although the zoning code does not specifically prohibit the proposed parking bridge that would make a 120-foot tunnel on Maple Avenue, we believe it is inconsistent with our existing community character and would be poor urban design resulting in an inhospitable pedestrian environment.

We need citizens to express their concern regarding this project in the following ways:

  • Attend the Zoning Board meeting on Monday, March 23 at 7PM.
  • Call and/or send an email to the Mayor, City Council members, Zoning Board and Planning Board members as to your concerns and to ask them to request the City Center to advance a design that is less obstructive.

Our full comments to the Planning Board can be read here.