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Discover the vibrant world of Sustainable Saratoga’s committees, each dedicated to a unique aspect of community sustainability: Zero Waste, Urban Forestry, Land Use, Climate and Energy, and Pollinators. Whatever your passion, you’ll find a place to make a difference.

Let’s get to know the Land Use Committee

by Amy Durland, member of the Land Use Committee and Chair of the Board of Directors

Saratoga Springs is a vibrant and popular small city, and with good reason! It has a thriving downtown with many interesting shops, restaurants, and walkable destinations. It has many homes with beautiful and historically relevant architecture. It has a Greenbelt – an area of rural character surrounding the city core. It even has a state park within the city limits!

There are many reasons for the winning formula of Saratoga Springs’ success, and foremost among them is the commitment of city officials and residents to its “City in the Country” identity, which is encoded in numerous municipal documents. Sustainable Saratoga supports this identity. It forms the basis of our land use advocacy work.

The Land Use Committee’s goals: To promote a sustainable city, we work on supporting housing affordability, and development patterns that promote infill development, compact design, and mixed uses. To support the country, we emphasize maintaining our Greenbelt, protecting its valuable natural resources, and avoiding sprawl. And in all of our work, we aspire to reduce climate impacts. Our sustainability work on the Land Use Committee extends to other areas outside of Saratoga Springs as well, and we have a particular interest in protecting water resources.

Enjoy our volunteers’ photos of the beautiful Saratoga Greenbelt